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We’re an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, family owned and operated restaurant. Serving the Best Pho in the Edmonton area for over 20 years.

Pho is a very healthy part of our diet and we eat it everyday and we encourage you do the same as well.

Head on over to our Menu section now, to see the many delicious selections we have to offer.


Moustache Man is the face of King Noodle, but Chinatown’s most deliciously fragrant and fresh pho is made by his wife Hoa Sen Dao. Beef or chicken? You choose.

-- The Tomato Food & Drink


Pho Hoang is loud, cluttered, steamy, well-worn and character-laden with 35 pho variations and a token six non-pho selections on the menu.  And both make great  pho noodle soup with broths made from scratch.

-- Edmonton Sun


And where does chef Judy head to on her time off? “King Noodle House”.

-- Avenue Edmonton

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